3 Best Fly Swatters with Tweezers for Killing Flies Without Touching

Flies all over the place

The fly swatter has been around for a long time. It is a great way to keep pesky bugs at bay and it can be quite fun to use. You have probably used one as a child at home or at your grandparents’ house. There are many variations on the traditional design that you will find today. Today, I’m going to show three of the most popular fly swatters with tweezers so you can kill those pests without touching them.

1. DH Corp – Plastic Fly Swatter with Tweezers

A trio of swatters that come in a packet. The swatters are cheap and brightly colored. They are effective against flying insects like moths and mosquitoes.

Promising review:

“These are awesome. The built-in tongs for picking up the dead bugs is genius. I use it for Miller moth season and its so much easier than grabbing a paper towel or a tissue.”

2. Jmk 3 In 1 Flyswatter With Disposal (Green)

This is the cheapest fly swatter in the list. Made of durable plastic and comes with a detachable scoop.

Promising Review:

“I absolutely love this flyswatter! It’s perfect for all aspects of use. The swat, the tweezers for if the bug lands in a place where you can’t use broom and dustpan and it all fits together perfectly!”

3. No Touch Fly Swatter Scoop With Tweezer

This fly swatter helps you remove flies without touching them. The fly swatter features a tweezer and an easy to hold scoop handle. Its handle is made from durable plastic that makes it easy to get rid of pesky bugs.

Promising Review:

“I hate touching bugs. This fly swatter allows me to do just that. I recommend getting this.”