5 Best Soccer Shin Guards for Kids

kids playing soccer

As a parent, the cost of allowing your children to participate in contact sports can quickly add up. However, you cannot put a price on your child’s safety and protection out on the field. Therefore, investing in the best soccer shin guards for your kids to play is crucial for them to not only be safe but also enjoy the game with more protection.

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I have searched the internet and have found these 5 to be some of the most poplar kids shin guards available.

1. Soccer Shin Guards by DashSport

Soccer Shin Guards by DashSport

These shin guards are ideal if you have a beginner soccer player. Although the guard comes in only a white or black color, they still do a great job at protecting your player. There is also an additional Velcro strap to insure stability and fit. Plus, this shin guard option comes with an ankle guard that provides protection for your child’s ankle.

2. Vizari Malaga Shin Guard

Vizari Malaga Shin Guard

When it comes to shin guards for kids this option comes in at number two of the top products because it is low in price, available in five various colors, and the extra ankle guard and Velcro strap to ensure protection during play. This shin guard offers comfort to the player because of the foam padding on the inside while still offering full protection for the entire section of the lower leg.

3. Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guard

Adidas Ghost Pro Shin Guard

This shin guard no only comes in various colors but it also comes in different design options to ensure your little player can find the perfect fit. It is made up of three different levels for the ultimate protection as your player runs up and down the field. The Adidas Ghost Pro is a shin guard that feels more flexible and not as bulky as traditional shin guards.

4. Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shine Guards

Nike Mercurial Lite Soccer Shine Guards

While this option of shin guard may be slightly more expensive in comparison to the previously mentioned options, it is still in the top selection of shin guards. The Nike Mercurial Lite option still offers protection for your soccer player and meets all requirements for club soccer but is much more sleek when it comes to the designs – kids really like the design. The shin guards come with a sleeve that secures the shin guard in place

5. Nike J Guards

Nike J Guards

These guards are ranked as the best inexpensive soccer shin guards for kids. They are as basic as they make them; however, they are still built for comfort and protection while playing soccer. These shin guards are also easy to wash and easy to get in and out of for players in a rush.

In addition to the actual shin guards you may also need to invest in various products that accompany the shin guards. There are guard stays and straps that hold the shin guard in place, guard sleeves that go over the entire shin guard to help with sweat and moisture, and finally there is tape that is used to go over the shin guard to keep the guard in place.